Ukranian teenager reads English at eighth-grade level...
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A friend of mine is looking for suggestions for novels to give to a Ukrainian fellow who is sixteen and who reads English at a seventh- or eighth-grade level. In his native languages he reads well and enjoys adventure and the like. Suggestions of what might float his boat will be much appreciated.
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The Hunger Games books -- good adventure story, language not too difficult.
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They are 'old', but he might like the Jack London novels (Call of the Wild; White Fang, etc). Also, I recently read 'Black Beauty' for the first time (I'm 51), and it might be interesting for him as it's told from the horses' perspective, and the horse goes through many a change in circumstance.
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Another old series: the Hornblower books. Ripping good yarns, great writing, but not too complicated. Start with Midshipman Hornblower.
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My go-to, especially since he's got everything from YA through adult and cross-generational appeal: Terry Pratchett.
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Gary Paulsen, especially Hatchet.
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Does he like Harry Potter? If so, Harry Potter. During my exchange year in Germany (when I was around his age), I read the series in German and it really helped me to read something I was familiar with and enjoyed, but in a different language.

He might also like the Diane Duane So You Want to Be A Wizard series.
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I tutored a teen in France who had similar reading levels in English and we had a blast reading Sherlock Holmes together. I had to explain a few of the more archaic terms, but the length of the stories and the appeal of the mystery were perfect.
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The classics aren't a bad idea either. Barnes and Noble carries editions that are edited with the younger/modern reader in mind. Pick up The Three Musketeers or Robin Hood. Ask a bookseller there for help finding them.

(Full disclosure: former B&N bookseller.)
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I think the Dark Is Rising series would make a good set of books to read.

Another series I enjoyed that I think would work for a 7th to 8th grade reading level is The Chronicles of Prydain.

I love Pratchett, but I'm afraid that the regular Discworld series would have too many cultural reference-based jokes to be appropriate for a learning reader. The Tiffany Aching series might work out though.
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Diana Wynne Jones! The language is young adult; the material is fun for anyone. I particularly love the Crestomanci books.
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Maybe the Book of Ember series?
Also The Giver and The Outsiders
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Anything by John Green, but particularly Looking for Alaska.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help, everyone!
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