Samsung Tablet Won't Use Sim
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My new Samsung Tablet, SM-T230NU running Android 4.4.2, comes with 8 gigs of memory. I have installed an additional 16 gigs of memory. I tell it to install and download comics to the 16 gig sim. It won't do so and keeps filling the primary memory.

When I install the comixology app, I specify that it is to reside on the 16 gig sim. The tablet seems to agree that the app is installed on the sim. When I attempt to download some of my comic library to the sim, it works until it fills the 8 gigs that the tablet has by default, then it hangs. It installs nothing to the sim, no matter what I specify or what it thinks it is doing. I have restored to factory, updated, and attempted to get comixology and my library to reside nicely on their sim. I have done this 3 times. No luck. It keeps filling the primary ram and pretty much hanging.
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There should be a Settings button and a Storage option in the comixology app itself that tells it where to store the comics; this is a separate setting from the one in the OS that tells it where to install the app.

Btw, the external storage is called a SD card; a SIM is the card that goes in a cell phone and allows it to connect to cell towers. Correcting this terminology might help you better search for a solution.
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Response by poster: You're right. It is the micro sd card. And the comixology app doesn't have a setting to specify where to store comics. Further reading suggests that this might be a drm issue. If it is, I am going to be pretty disappointed.
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My bad, it seems there are multiple pieces of software out there refereed to as comixology; that or an older version did support saving to SD card. From recent google play store reviews it sounds like they're "looking into" supporting SD cards for comic storage, and that the drm issue is related to downloading books at all, not where they're stored.
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Best answer: This is the kind of thing a third party app can fix. You might have to root(google around for info on that with this model), but you need something like app2sd that forces both the main comixology app and it's data to the SD card.

People do this on android all the time. If the app doesn't support saving to the sd card, just force the whole shebang on there. App and data.
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