Short film about a bathroom shaving accident cascading into death
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I saw a comic short in the eighties (?), not Martin Scorsese's The Big Shave, where a guy cuts himself shaving, hits his head trying to get a BandAid, injures himself more and more colorfully as he tries to cope with his previous injuries, eventually dominoing into his death. What was it?
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Was it animated? First thing I thought of was Bill Plympton, guy slices off his nose shaving.
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I remember this, too. On Video Jukebox on HBO? The Google is failing me.
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Though I did just turn up this thread while googling. So there's that.
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There's also the Arsenio Hall bit from Amazon Women on the Moon. It's on YouTube, but I'm having issues linking it.
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Also, probably not what you are looking for, but this featured in the first Final Destination movie. I don't think you would consider that comedy, though.
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Not animated. Can't say I'm sure it was an English language production, though the bathroom looked western: might well have been French or Eastern European, though I am pretty sure it was silent, so that wouldn't matter.
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It was sort of like that episode of Breaking Bad about Walter trying to kill the fly. But the guy dies.
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