Tell me what to do with my basil-infused vodka
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I have some basil-infused vodka that is ready to use, but I am having difficulty coming up with interesting cocktails to make with it. I am aware of Bloody Marys, but what other delicious beverages can and should I be making with this? Obscurity of ingredients is not an issue. Thanks!
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things in the cucumber family… and lime… try muddling up some kaffir lime with it and fill with club soda… elderflower liqueur or pineapple juice if you want to take it in a sweet direction. I like herby drinks smoothed out with egg whites.
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Strawberry basil slushie drinks with lime juice and love.
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Maybe use it to sub for the gin in an Aviation or Last Word?
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Puree some watermelon in a blender (no straining necessary, just blend until it's juice) and then add the basil vodka. It will be amazing. Add a little lime juice for sparkle if you're so inclined, but it's not really necessary.
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Make hard lemonade with it. Simple, but very refreshing.
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Berry-flavored martinis. Muddle berries with sugar, maybe add mint, add your infused vodka, shake with vermouth and ice. Pour into a chilled martini glass. Collect my envy.
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"Strawberry basil slushie drinks with lime juice and love."

An improbable mushroom cloud appears suddenly over Astoria, Queens and a bookstore manager wakes in fear.
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A Caesar or Bloody Caesar is a cocktail created and primarily consumed in Canada, but you can still have it outside of Canada.
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lorimt's suggestion of hard lemonade is good, but I think it would be even better with muddled blueberries in the glass.
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Personally I'd probably just drink it straight up, ice cold.

With soda and a twist of lemon would be nice too; very summery drink.

Add tomato juice, garnish with bocconcini, and you essentially have a liquid insalata Caprese.
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I made some lemon basil vodka recently (if you decide to infuse yours w lemon make sure you use organic lemons) and enjoyed it with sparkling/soda water but also Sprite-style sodas when wanting a sweeter drink.
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Came in to suggest something with strawberries too. A martini bar I went to in Montreal made one with basil, strawberry juice and a dash of balsamic vinegar.
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i've used it to make a greyhound in the past - quite yummy.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much everyone! Excited to try all the new ideas.
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I had a cocktail with grapefruit and basil once and it was AWESOME.
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A bar here in Houston makes an ANMAZING cocktail called the green on red. You can try a version with your basil vodka.
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