Young Adult Novel: a dragon, a sandstorm and a girl with double eyelids
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I'm looking for the title/author of a YA novel I read in the nineties.

This is what I remember: the main character is a girl (and there's a second book where she's a young woman), and she lives in sort of a desert village, or maybe a nomadic tribe. At some point, she is cast out of her family and finds a young dragon, and I'm quite fuzzy about what actually happens in the story. But I remember this distinctly: She and the dragon get caught in a sandstorm, and the girl has a mutation that gave her double eyelids, like a reptile. She tries to close her inner eyelids and see through them to navigate through the sandstorm, but it is too uncomfortable and she just closes her eyes and waits it out with her dragon. Any idea what this book is?

(Asking for a friend. Thanks!)
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Best answer: I think this is The Keeper of the Isis Light.
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Best answer: I also came in to say Keeper of the Isis Light. The main character is a girl with double eyelids and a pet named Dragon.
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Response by poster: Yup, that's it, and under forty minutes to the first response, too! (I had to check with my friend, because it was first read in translation.) Thanks, hivemind...
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