We have an apartment, now I need doctor, etc...
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I'm finally in Seattle. Yay! It's huge! I need guidance, please. I need a psychiatrist and a doctor.

I've got a lot of physical issues and many of them are either under control or... we're getting there. My old doctor and I had a plan. Of course, I had to move before that plan reached fruition. I don't expect a new doctor to follow my old doctor's plan, but I would love to have one who listens to me as she did and not try to change all of my medications on me the first appointment. Same with my psychiatrist... I mean, I've had bipolar for over two decades, I've finally found a medical cocktail that works and I don't want anyone messing with it.

We have Blue Cross Blue Shield right now (COBRA version), I dunno if that will change when the hubs finally finds work. I'm still trying to get my disability straightened out (anyone know a good person for that around here?) I have enough meds to last me about two more months, so this isn't an emergency, but I'd rather not run out before finding someone. If it matters, I think we're living in the Columbia City neighborhood.
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It's a ways away but the people at 45th Street Medical & Dental Clinic give a shit and will help direct you. 206-633-3350.

Virginia Mason is outstanding. (888) 862-2737

Seattle in particular and Washington State in general are interested in health care.

Change your location and ask a few neighbors, there be consumers and Doctors there.

Best of luck.
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Thanks. I totally forgot about changing my location. But I thought this is how to ask my neighbors?
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Again, it's a bit of a trek, but I adore Grace Chapman. She always has time at appointments and really listens. (Also, she sees you right away, so instead of blocking off two hours of your day for a five minute appointment, you can just use the twenty or thirty minutes of actual appointment time.)

It's also worth asking your general doc if they're willing to take over your psych meds -- a lot are, as long as it's something that works for you already. (If you need to fiddle with it, then you'll probably get sent to a psych to change meds.)
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