Romania digital maps
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Why are the satnav maps for Romania so terrible? The coverage is really, really bad. Why?
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Suggests there are laws against/restricting aerial imagery & detailed maps.
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Response by poster: @TheAdamist Interesting. So why do they still have this law?
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Unknown, just theorizing that due to eastern European history the government is reluctant to cede control of things.

PS, my link in the answer previous was from google, I know not of Romania.
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The Here maps, gave us a decent running of Romania. As in, we did not fall in the lake decent.

But they were bad in a backwords sort of way. They had all the road, but no knowlage that the road was not usable exept by a tractor.

Regarding air photography, these are left overs from comunist times. You also cannot take a photo of bridges and dams. YMMV depending on the local official.
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