Can you identify this Jeffrey Archer short story?
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There's a short story by Jeffrey Archer that features a couple who meet as academic rivals at one of the old British universities and develop a sweetly antagonistic romance over many years. Can you help me find it?

As it's a short story I don't think there's much more of the plot I can usefully share. I recall a bit of tension over who would score higher on an exam or possibly take a graduating honor, and a bit where one needles the other over a crossword completion. I can't recall what the twist is, if there is one. It's from a collection that was published sometime before 2000, the latest I might have read it.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer with this longshot question!
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Old Love from A Quiver Full of Arrows?
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I think the twist is that she dies on the day she finally made a mistake on the crossword and he kills himself leaving a note saying "I had to let her know" along with the correct crossword or with the definition of the word in question. However, I can't figure out the title.
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Most (all?) of Old Love is here, if you think that's the right one.
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old love is the story you are looking for.
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