Do I qualify for an apartment that has income restrictions?
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There's a couple of apartment complexes that I've been looking at, but they're income restricted - you have to be making less than $36,960 for one person to qualify. I don't know if I qualify, even though my income is lower than that, because I'd also be going to school part time at a local community college for the next year or so. Here's an example of an apartment complex that I'd like to check out: Addison on Fourth.

Scenario: For 2013, I went to college part time (10 credits, 5 audit), then got a contract job this June. The total I'll be making from that, and UI, is around $32000.

For 2014, my contract will end in May (or before), and I will have made $23600 or so at the most. Then, entering school again as a part time student, taking 5-10 credits per quarter. (I'm not in a degree program, I just want to take Calculus, Comp Sci, and Economics for career development and personal enrichment.) All of my school expenses, including tuition are out of pocket, hence the part time status.

For 2015, I'll be in school part time through April, and then ready to hit the job market. I'd probably be making < $36,960 by then, so I'd move out after school is done.

I've heard confusing things, like that students aren't allowed. But, it says 'Full Time', and friends have said that part time students are OK. I just don't know if 1. I qualify, and 2. how to explain it to them, so that they'd consider me. I'm in a position to move now if they accept me. Thanks!
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Will you be punished in some way if you ask, or apply? Stop listening to rumors and talk to the administrators to get real answers.
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It sounds like you qualify on both a) income and b) student status. Ask! Explain! Show your enthusiasm and put your best foot forward.
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Datapoint: Here in Denver, a house tour of a couple who have accessed some wonderful housing through this very type of program while they're in grad school.

I say go for it.
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Ask the leasing office. The worst they can say is that you don't qualify.

Possibly irrelevant personal experience: In apartment complexes I've lived in, the only ones that have income restrictions were in MA, and they had restrictions only for reduced rent, i.e. if you made less than X thousand dollars you could get a Y% discount on the normal rent. I think this was to qualify with MA's rules that X% of apartments in every town in the state have to be "affordable housing," yet there are certain towns where you wouldn't expect to find people who are less than affluent. I'm guessing WA's "affordable housing" laws are slightly different.
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If it says "no full time students" and you are not full time, go apply and, this is key, do not be all "BUT YOUR THING SAYS NO STUDENTS AND I AM TAKING SOME CLASSES IN THE FALL AND AND AND..." Just fill it out. Answer it honestly ("Nope, I am not a full time student") and let the chips fall where they may.
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Best answer: I've actually lived at Addison on Fourth. You qualify as long as you meet the income guidelines and are not a FULL TIME student. You do not receive a % discount off rent. Rent cost is based on the size/location of the room and includes all utilities. I barely made the cut off for the restriction and my higher-floor studio was $927.

If you're considering Addison itself, feel free to memail me if you'd like more info on what it's been like living there.
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Response by poster: And - like magic - they just called me! I did contact them a few days ago for some basic info. But now, I have a tour for tomorrow! I am to bring paystubs, a bank statement (which will be odd as I have a small inheritance in there as a school fund), and picture ID.

Nervous, but I can do this!
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Response by poster: Also stubbehtail, am mailing you now.
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