Where to go with a Zipcar in Boston for three hours?
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BostonFilter: Quick! I have a Zipcar reservation from 10am to 1pm today, and the appointment I rented it for has been canceled. Since I'm eating the cost either way, I want to do something with the reservation, but I'm short on ideas. What should I do that's either useful or fun for someone who rarely has access to a car?

I'm in Somerville and am strictly limited to the three hour time slot, so I'm not going to go hike the White Mountains or anything. Bonus points for anything that doesn't have super duper involved directions, since I get lost easily and not only have to return the reservation on time but have to show up at work too!
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Response by poster: TIME IS TICKING MY FRIENDS
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Best answer: deCordova Sculpture Park in Lincoln. Maybe 20 minutes each way, walk around for two hours. Perfect day for it.

Either that or just go to CostCo or Home Depot and buy a bunch of shit that would be a pain in the ass to take on the subway.
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Response by poster: Btw in this instance I'm also totally cool with insane frivolity like "drive to Woburn to go see this weird tree that I'm captivated by".
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Hammond Castle in Gloucester.
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Ok, then. If it's unique trees you want, go out to Holliston and see the Moon Tree.
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It's gorgeous outside. Go to the Mystic Lakes for reading on the beach/swimming!
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I know there's one in Cambridge now, but I would go to H Mart in Burlington, do some shopping, and then get ramen and bubble tea in the food court.
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Response by poster: I'm off to the deCordova, thank you bondcliff!!!
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Go to Salem Willows and play some skee-ball, get some ice cream, and see the ocean! Bonus: Salem!
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Get on Route 2 west and hit Walden Pond. Me and two of my kids will be on the little beach on the right.
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Came here to say Salem. Go to the Peabody Essex museum. Or some of the touristy witch museums if you've never seen them.
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Worst case scenario, you could always just head to Costco and buy all the big bulky things you wouldn't normally want to haul around.
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My wife just had a fabulous time seeing Red, Yellow, and Blue by Orly Genger at the deCordova.

(These pictures of Red, Yellow, and Blue in NYC give a sense of what it's like.)
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