Best way to get from Seattle to Snoqualmie Pass without a car
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I'm thru-hiking a section of the PCT with a friend, and I'm supposed to meet her at the trail near Snoqualmie Pass. Only issue is that I don't have a car and I'm not sure if I could convince anyone to drive me out there on a weekday(when we would meet). Are there any experienced northwest car-less hikers who have done this before?
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You can catch King County Metro out to North Bend. It's still another 24 mi to the pass. That would be about $77 in a taxi, including tip.

You could organize a ride on Craigslist. I'd have a backup plan in case the driver flakes out.
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There's a Seattle Transit Hikers meetup -- check their previous meetup itineraries for ideas?
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It looks like the Seattle Ski Shuttle will take you for $40 (round trip).
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Well, crap -- that might only be weekends.

But there is also this and that might include weekdays.
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The "ski shuttle" doesn't run in the summer. There is a clue in the name.

Also, Michele in California, everything in the "this" seems to be on the wrong side of North Bend. Am I missing something?
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Nope. You probably aren't missing anything, grouse.

I will embarrass myself one last time and then stop:

Here is a list of Summit shuttles which all appear, at first glance, to also be ski shuttles. But it does link to Ride Share. And maybe that will help.
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Wow, this has been most frustrating search experience in the history of ever.

"From Seattle drive I-90 to exit 52 (signed for Snoqualmie Pass west). At the bottom of the exit ramp, turn left (north) and cross under the freeway. In about 100 yards, turn right onto a dirt road leading into the PCT trailhead."

Snoqualmie pass is at exit 53 so they are less than two miles apart. I've walked this with a friend and his dog, there is plenty of space but cars are going by at highway speed. Snoqualmie summit is a stop on the Greyhound if you tell the driver that you would like to be dropped off. [I've done this to go skiing, the drivers are quite helpful]. To get back to Seattle though the summit is what is called a "flag stop" meaning if you don't stand by the roadside and wave the driver down they will drive on by.

My information might be horribly out of date.
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Take the bus as far east as you can (North Bend?) and then hittchike the rest of the way from the eastbound freeway onramp.

Make a nicely lettered sign reading "SNOQUALMIE PASS" and dress neatly, ideally including a liberal political t-shirt or button that can be read/recognized from a distance -- I add the latter because in 2003 I hitchhiked a ton in and around Seattle and 80+% of the people who picked me up said that they never pick up hitchhikers but made an exception for me because of my large "NO IRAQ WAR" button.
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(I posted your question here -- please feel free to monitor for responses)
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You're not trying to get there-and-back, right, just there?

If you're trying for there-and-back, check into Zipcar as well. You could rent it for a few hours with some flexibility.

Talking about through-hiking, however, sounds more like just there with some other route back.

I looked up the trail on the NCT site (zoomed in on this map), looks like it starts north pretty much across the highway from the Snoqualmie Summit West ski resort parking lot.

Depending on when you're heading up there, some metro changes are occurring. Take a look at routes 215 and 208 - September 27, 2014 is the date of the changeover. Here's a page about the metro changes.

I used to live out there and I think you'll have a blast. I even participated in trail crew one summer. Hopefully this'll help you get out there!
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