Is it illegal in Canada to base grades off purchased online quizzing?
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I tried to find a source from the claim made on Reddit below. Is it currently illegal, or at least being discussed, that it is illegal to charge university students for online quizzing that factors into their final grade?
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It seems like regulating private universities in such a way would be impossible.
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The Office of the Vice-Provost, Students and First-Entry Divisions, University of Toronto, has a page on "Ancillary Fees" and a memo on "Compulsory Student Ancillary Fees". It seems this may be prohibited by guidelines from the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, but I don't feel like finding the exact paragraphs of it that can be interpreted this way.
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I think Grouse is right that U of T has interpreted the Ontario MTCU guidelines this way, but I don't know the actual guidelines. So it's not illegal per se, but it seems like it is not something public universities can do in ON if they want to keep their status/funding. I don't know if those guidelines are readily available, but I'm going to trust that U of T's administration is interpreting this correctly.

However, education is a provincial responsibility, so every province would have its own rules.
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