Hope me find training on an iPad, not how to use an iPad
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I need examples of training courses that use HTML5 audio on an iPad. more below!

We develop eLearning in HTML5 and have been tasked to make the lessons work on tablets. We've got the design down and are now tackling the audio. The lessons are a collection of slides. Each slide is a separate html page (delivered from the CMS). Each slide has an .mp3 file associated with it.

Since we can't autoplay audio on an iPad, we need the user to click somewhere on each slide/page in order to have the voiceover start. That's fine - we want to be mindful of data usage (and will give the user an option to go through without audio). I'd just like examples of training where the user has to do this so that we can be consistent in how we present it. For example, is it usually set up so that the user clicks on a play button in the nav bar or do they have an overlay at the beginning of each page with a big play button in the middle?

So if any of you have to take training on an iPad and can give links to it or even just describe how it works, I'd really appreciate it. thanks!
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