King Lear in Central Park
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Has anyone stood on line for free tickets for Shakespeare in the Park recently? How bad are the lines? How early should I get there?
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the past few times i did it a friend got there around 8am and i joined her at 9am. the folks near the front of the line got there crazy early like 5am. we played cards and waited about 3.5 hrs for the ticket distribution.... i think if you show up after 9am there may be a risk of not getting a ticket. you could also try the lottery online too.
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As this staffer explains, if you are past "the rock of hope" you are probably too late. As it's more popular later in the run, you may need to get online outside central park at 3 am.
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I was there Sunday, got there about 7 a.m., and was pretty well on the safe side of the "rock of hope."
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You have to be there by seven at the latest most days.
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We got there at 6am to be totally safe and we were fine. We made our peace with hanging out on line all day and got deli breakfast delivered to the line (which I still find hilarious).
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