Unemployment figures for Germany during the Weimar Republic?
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I need to show unemployment figures for Germany during the Weimar Republic (starting no later than 1923) in a way that consistently compares apples to apples and not apples to oranges -- i.e., total number of unemployed OR total percentage of workforce, but not sometimes one and sometimes the other. (Having both would be ideal.) I would also prefer a specific month for each figure, if possible, rather than just the year (i.e., "Unemployment reaches 5.1 million in September 1932" is more useful than "Unemployment reaches 5.1 million in 1932").

Online resources or books are fine, as long as books are available on Amazon (in the U.S.) or likely to be at a major library. If you do recommend a book, please be certain that the data I’m asking for is there; unfortunately, I’m working on a very tight deadline and I can’t spend the time tracking down something that turns out not to have what I need. English or German is fine. Thanks!
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I am afraid this is going to be a bit tricky so I am going to give you what I have in case you dont get any other answers.

You might want to check out the reference here. Kindleberger's The World in Depression cites Stolper German Economy 1870-1940 for unemployment later, which sounds promising

The NBER historical statistics gives a monthly series of applications per 100 jobs for the period you are interested in which will almost certainly be closely related to the unemployment rate.
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Yearly numbers here and here. Here on page 5 in comparison to the working population.

A more detailed look in this book: Petzina, Dietmar (2011): Arbeitslosigkeit in der Weimarer Republik. (Petzina, Dietmar (2011): Unemployment in the Weimar Republic from 1919 to 1933 and the following years until 1938.) IN: Abelshauser, W. (Hrsg.), 1987: Die Weimarer Republik als Wohlfahrtsstaat. Wiesbaden, Franz Steiner Verlag, p. 239 -259.
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Thanks so much -- exactly what I needed!
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