Help me find originals of the magazine that published my dad's essay
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Where was this two-part essay my father wrote published? It seems to have been in a magazine (?) called "New Horizon," but I'm having a hard time finding anything on Google. I'd like to track down an original version.

The essay was published in two parts: in February of 1996 and then in March. The author is Yehuda Nir (not Jehuda, as he's bylined), and the story also was not fiction (I have no idea why it was labeled that way). The only possible further clue I can glean is that maybe this was a publication local to Long Island, NY, as the intro says my father "vacations in Springs," which is a community on the eastern end of Long Island (in the Hamptons) that would not otherwise be readily known unless you were already in the area.

I'd love to find originals if I can, because as you can see, the scan is of poor quality. I cannot ask my father about this as he is deceased. Thank you for any help in solving this mystery.
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Was he Polish at all? There's a New Horizon serial published in New York/Jersey City (OCLC 2662602) that seems to have been publishing during those years and there's a subject heading of Polish American and a note for "Polish American Review." There are several libraries that should have that year, from the Library of Congress to the New York Public library to several large research libraries, so even if you're not close you should be able to submit an ILL request for a scan.
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Yes, my father was Polish! In fact, the story is all about his upbringing in Poland.
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Searching this title online suggests that he may have actually published this in the Easthampton Star. See the last paragraph of this obituary.
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I am sorry for your loss. Your father sounds like an amazing person. Having read the link by OmieWise, I agree that you should contact the Easthampton Star.
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At the end of the link, there is an email address for the author. I would contact her.
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Try contacting:

Periodicals Service Company
351 Fairview Avenue, Suite 300
NY 12534, USA
Tel 00 1 518 822 9300
Fax 00 518 822 9305

They list a New Horizons periodical published from 93 to 99, although it otherwise does not appear to be the one you are looking for. In any event, drop an email to them as they may have further info on yours.
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I think OmieWise is on the right track: If the obituary author is correct, the article was originally published in the East Hampton Star before being reprinted in New Horizons. I'd contact them. The newspaper archive databases to which I have access don't have copies of the Star, and OCLC's WorldCat record is not very informative about which libraries have recent holdings. The New-York Historical Society Library catalogue indicates that you should ask reference librarians for details about its holdings; if that's convenient to you, give them a call. It's a nice library, or at least it was when I was doing research there 25 years ago.

My condolences for your loss.
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