What other authors might I like?
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I like Patricia Cornwell. I like Robin Cook. Who else might I like?

My only limitation is no child abuse or sexual violence graphically described. I like nerdy things and science-y things. I've really gotten into virology lately so that would be cool.

Here is my local library system if you want to see what's there. I'm broke so I won't be buying books. Dead tree is preferred, but I have a tablet I can use to read.

Young adult is fine too (probably better since my brain is mush lately)
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You might like Kathy Reichs' forensic anthropology procedurals. (They're the series the TV show Bones is based on.)
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Jonathan Kellerman writes medical thrillers.
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Michael Connelly has some great books that delve into forensic crime. In particular some of the early Harry Bosch series had some great detective work on horrific crimes.
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Kathy Reichs is really the best of the sciency genre. Tess Gerritsen is along the Robin Cook lines (i.e., she hasn't gone completely round the bend like Cornwell, but she's not as good a writer as Reichs). The TV series Rizzoli and Isles is based on Gerritsen's books.
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Please note that while Kathy Reich's books are what the tv series Bones is based off - it is a very loose connection. The main character shares the same name and same profession but that's about it. The books are great though.
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Just a note on Reichs: while the books are the basis for the show Bones, it's really not very similar in terms of characters. So there's no Angela, Hodges, Cam, etc. I think Booth is there (maybe a different name), but I don't think they're a couple in the books. I also think Bones (Brennan) is a rather different type of person in the books.
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The Bones books are far better than the series.
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Karin Slaughter was initially known as a younger, hipper Patricia Cornwell; she's only gotten better since then.
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Response by poster: Awesome!

And Patricia Cornwell really has gone around the bend, hasn't she. I'm reading her latest and all I can say is wow. Not what I remembered.
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John Sandford - his "Prey" series, or his "Virgil Flowers" series ... and/or Michael Crichton.
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Response by poster: Forgot about Michael Crichton. I like him too.

I'm starting with Kellerman and working my way through the list.

Thanks!! AskMe rocks.
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