Good thrifting blogs?
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You'd think it would be easy to find good thrifting blogs... but so far it hasn't been. Here's what I'm looking for: blogs by people who go to Goodwill and similar thrift stores and buy things for their home/garden and either use them as-is or fix them up somehow. I'm not interested in blogs that focus on clothing/fashion, or blogs that are only about crafting with thrift-store stuff, or blogs that are only about buying and then reselling on ebay or whatever.
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It isn't easy because nobody wants to give up their secret sources! Also, I think most thriftbloggers eventually start reselling stuff, whether online, in a store, or by becoming a designer.

Here's a few I read -- these skew mid-century because that's my preference.

Manhattan Nest -- primarily a design/home blog but has some solid thrifting posts. There's a tag for it.

Emily Henderson is another design/home blog with solid thrifting content (although it's less easily findable).

I loved Apron Thrift Girl -- looks like she has moved on to a new home and is now primarily a re-seller, but she has lots of links in her sidebar at the old blog, and her link carnivals were also useful for finding smaller thrifting blogs.

A Living Space. Thrifting, decorating, some reselling and some keeping.

The Brick House -- doesn't update these days, and her focus is different, but her back posts are amazing.
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Best answer: Katy at the Nonconsumer Advocate
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Best answer: I just discovered Upstyler. And it's not exclusively about thrifting but Frugal Babe posts about her Goodwill finds a fair amount.
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Best answer: If you'd be good with just pix of it as found and not so much thrift-in-action, Reddit has /r/thriftstorehauls.
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I think you'd like Number Fifty-Three.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all! I just realized that Pinterest is a good way to find thrifting bloggers as well.
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A visit Bloglovin' to search for those blogs.
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Recyclart is really enjoyable to me - though I admittedly don't have any of the skills required to make most of the projects.
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