Slim Fit Bike Shorts
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Any recommendations for a brand of cycling short that has a longer leg and a bit of a slimmer fit than the standard MTB/touring short, but still keeping their casual style?

I'd like to be able to take it on long rides, but still feel comfortable and not out-of-place when I'm off my bike. I've seen this thread, but I'm hoping for a little less focus on padding and a little more focus on fit and style. Pockets and a thicker material are preferred.
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You might like swrve's shorts.
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I'm a huge fan of Outlier. I just did RAGBRAI in their New Way Shorts, so 440 miles in 7 days. They still wear like new.

For a few years I was really digging swrve, but the quality of the products has dipped with time. I wouldn't trust a pair of the shorts to last longer than a summer of solid riding, whereas all the Outlier gear is made of bomb-proof materials - I've been riding a pair of shorts and dungarees from them for a year, and they have yet to show any kind of wear.

The downside of Outlier is the small production runs - they do make a longer-legged version of their shorts, but nearly everything they make sells out within a few weeks, or even days if you're in the more common sizes. Still, I watch the website like a hawk and subscribe to the newsletter, and keep a little fund in the bank so I can buy when the gear I want is in stock.
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Are you a man or a woman? I wear Twin Six's three quarters knickers, but they're out of stock for women. If you're a man you're in luck though -- they have the two quarters shorts and three quarters knickers. They are thick, well-made, and have pockets.
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I'm a male, 31" waist
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I think the usual solution is to wear the normal shrink-wrap lycra shorts while riding, but carry baggy street shorts in a pannier or jersey pocket and change into them when you get off the bike. Does this not work for you for some reason?
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