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When we were in London we saw a fun craft-toy called Sticker Scratcherz at both Hamleys and Harrods. We figured we'd find something like it elsewhere as well, but haven't had any luck, so I'm hoping maybe a mefite knows of something else like this. Preferably, it would be not as expensive, for a bit less content (if it were half price for half the amount of stickers it would make a great casual gift).

Here is a video that shows the product. Similar suggestions are welcome too. What we liked about this is that you can make your own design (on the standard sticker template), that the colors that you put on first stay there, so you get lots of different colors on one sticker. The metallic and holographic paper gave a really nice and shiny feel to the stickers. Also, the stickers were fun for older kids. Like in the video, they used them as badges on clothes etc.
We live in Europe, so I'm preferably looking for something that is either available in an online store here, or can be shipped in an envelope, but all suggestions are welcome.
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I did not understand how this worked until I saw the video. Until then, I was going to suggest looking at Xyron brand sticker machines. They work by adding glue to the back of something you have already made instead of having a template with glue already on it. The adhesive that comes in those machines is probably the same type that is on the templates.

As for the foil, I think most craft supply places would carry that. You might need to look in the jewelry or scrapbooking supplies.
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Best answer: It's not quite te same, but it's definitely cheaper: the Foil it! series.
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Response by poster: I ordered two Foil it! packs from and they're perfect! Thanks Ms. Next! And thanks soelo for the sticker machine idea too. I may look into that if my kid remains interested.
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