Does anyone remember this story?
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Does anyone remember this anecdote? It was probably a blog, and it was definitely about Ed Begley Jr.

A few years ago, I read a story told by a woman who had a humorous encounter with Ed Begley Jr. Evidently, when she saw him out in public, she recognized him, but she immediately assumed it was someone she knew. She began to talk to him as if he were an old acquaintance, trying to piece together exactly how she knew him, and only later realized that she knew him FROM TV, and not in real life. He was kind, and treated her as if she were an acquaintance, also seemingly assuming he knew her as well. She went on and named this type of encounter as being "Ed Begley Juniored".

My husband and I laughed about it at the time, and have ever after referred to any encounter with anyone vaguely familiar as being "Ed Begley Juniored" or the more common gerund form, "Ed Begley Junior-ing".

I have since lost any link to this charming anecdote, Googling for this has been fruitless. I want to share it with a friend who had a similar recent encounter with someone famous, but not quite so famous as to have an immediately recognizable face. Does this ring any bells?
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Is it this?
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