Any recommendations for a naturopath in the Bay Area?
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I'd like to give a naturopath a try for my ulcerative colitis. I'm in San Francisco, and could potentially go elsewhere in the Bay Area but only if it's BARTable.

I know that this is trigger chum for a lot of folks, and please believe me that I am seeing a gastroenterologist, as well as a rectal surgeon from time to time, and my primary care physician is on top of it as well, and I am following their instructions and am taking Lialda, Uceris, probiotics, and digestive enzymes, all at their suggestion/prescription.

Most of the received science says that diet isn't a factor in starting flares, although what you eat during a flare could make a difference. I say balderdash, because come on diet affects everything.

So anyway, I'd like to see someone who looks around the edge of the received wisdom, and I'd like to not be told to see a GI or other western med doctor since, as stated above, I already do.

Thanks folks!
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