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Hi, I'm trying to locate a web-based comic strip that I had read sometime ago. The main protagonist is a young girl who works in a photo developing shop/lab. One day a customer submits some gory photos featuring violent acts (possibly murder? ) and the girl decides to investigate the matter on her own. That is all I can recall. Does this strike a note with anyone else? Additionally, I would welcome recommendations for other webcomics that are favorites with the MeFi community. I enjoy stuff like PhD. and PVP. Thanks
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Best answer: Sounds like Shutterbug Follies.
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Response by poster: Yup. That's the one! God, I love Ask MetaFilter. I had been straining my brain for hours trying to come up with an answer and I got one here within 3 minutes.

Any other recommendations for other online strips, though??

Thanks, TayBridge!!
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Girls with Slingshots
Make with the Funny
Questionable Content
Wapsi Square
You'll-only-get-the-jokes-if-you-play-paintball: Doc's Whiteboard
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I'm all about the big pixel dorky indie goodness that is Diesel Sweeties, even thought I know it's wrong to lust after girls in comic strips.

Okay, if not wrong, at least questionable.
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On hiatus until January '06, but there are plenty of archives to dive into with Christopher Baldwin's Bruno.

Penny Arcade
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By the way, you can read the first 13 parts of Jason Little's Shutterbug Follies on his site (scroll down for the links).
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The Killer
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I asked for webcomic recommendations last February and got a ton responses.
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Best answer: The young girl is Bee, and her adventures continued in Motel Art Improvement Service, but after setting up this new story, Jason Little seems to have lost interest in his site (no updates since June).
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Rash beat me to it. That's it.
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White Ninja! Hiya!
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Beaver and Steve
Comics by Derek Kirk Kim
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Perry Bible Fellowship
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