How do I get dried egg out of leather?
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I grabbed a small carton of eggs on Friday after work, and threw them into my big leather purse. On the train, I reached into my bag for something and touched something moist - two of the eggs had broken. Oops.

So I cleaned up as much as I could, tossed the eggs, turned the bag inside out and wiped it down with a wet cloth and kind of forgot about it because we had to run somewhere as soon as I got home. This morning, I grabbed the bag again and there are big, dried stains in three or four places.
What is the best way to get the dried egg out? Should I just try to find a leather cleaner and drop it off, or is there something I can do on my own?
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For DIY I'd probably try a spray leather cleaner and a suede brush. If the suede brush seemed to be marring the leather, I'd probably use a throw-away cloth towel (i.e. a "rag") instead. Might take more than one application.
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