Dear internet, please find me some shoes
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I'm off on a hot-climate-followed-by-cool-climate holiday, and am looking for the perfect pair of women's shoes to sightsee in. I'm also taking hiking boots and sandals, but I'd like an in-between pair for all the rest. Requirements: COMFORTABLE, vegan, rain-resistant (or at least, won't totally dissolve at the sight of a puddle), breathable (for the hot days), plain (to visit mid-range restaurants with a dress). For bonus points: will ship to the Antipodes without costing more than my airfare.
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My favourite brand of shoes, el naturalista might be suitable. They do amazing walking shoes... I have never gone back after discovering this brand, I think I own about 4 or 5 different styles now!

Here are the vegan options on their website. They use vegetable dies and recycled materials in the soles too. Just take note that not all their shoes are vegan.

Note sure about shipping options for your location. I live in Australia and can only buy this brand online via the U.S. site Amazon. Luckily some Amazon sellers ship to Australia and you can find a good discount from time to time too.
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It's kinda hard to believe, but Crocs actually make a lot of cute women's shoes. I've been wearing these all summer while walking at least two miles a day and they've been super comfortable the entire time.
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