Help the unfashionable choose a watch for a classy dame
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Help choosing a ladies fashion watch.

The good wife is after a timepiece for Xmas. I think she is after something like the watch in this picture.
The one in the picture was $10 on ebay, so does not inspire confidence. I would like something a bit more mainstream, but not ultra-expensive. Say a couple of hundred dollars?
A visit to the real world watch store today didn't inspire, so I'm hoping for some direction. Apparently I've been a bad capitalist, because I have no idea about any women's watch brands due to years of ignoring the glossy magazine ads.
So, some guidance on suitable fashionable brands, and even advice like "that design is sooo 2001" would also be appreciated.
Bonus points if it is available in Australia, but I am interested in international suggestions as it may add cachet.
I will likely hedge my bets and go with a major store, to allow an exchange, but my stock would soar if I picked a good one first up.
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Nixon do some nice watches: Something like this perhaps?
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It would help if you knew what aspect of the watch pictured is most appealing to her. The cuff bracelet style band? The shape? The styling? If you already know her taste then I wouldn't worry about the fashionable brands or whether it's outdated. Make her happy. has a sizable selection of watches in your price range, their CS is pretty good, but you really want to just browse and get a better idea of what you're looking for. Any of these look close to what you have in mind?

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Response by poster: I think she likes the "bangle" style band and would be keen on a fairly plain face (probably no diamonds etc.).
From Hindmost's suggestions I think maybe number 2.
Are Tissot and Movado credible? I don't want to buy something that screams cheap (Casio, for example).
I think she would find oh pollo!'s suggestion a bit avent garde. She would tend I think to a more classic, less futuristic look?
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This Bulova Caravelle
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Tissot is very credible. My husband (boyfriend at the time) went to Germany in 1994 and brought me back a Tissot pocket watch as a present. Later that year in college, one of my professors needed to borrow a timepiece so he could keep track of when the class was over, so I volunteered my watch.

He was a suave, sophisticated-type guy, and he was very impressed by it.
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I've got a men's Tissot on right wasn't expensive, but I get nothing but compliments.
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Maybe a more rounded look: Movado Harmony.

BTW, that's a really good site to order from, they're very helpful and ship fast. I ordered my wife a Movado from them last Xmas. She exchanged it for a less expensive one and a Swiss Army watch for everyday use, and they were really great about it.
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Forgot to mention, the prices will drop dramatically closer to Xmas.
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Movado is definitely a reputable watch company. You should not have any trouble going with something from them. They are also very well known for their simple, clean watch faces and designs.

(I love their designs; the first picture is gorgeous.)
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Response by poster: Thanks all. I've got a few leads to go with.
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