The best future is a mystery novel
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I really enjoy Robb's "in death" series and recently discovered Alex Hughes' Mindspace series which I enjoyed tremendously. (And, many, many years ago, likely before most of you were born, I read Asimov's stories and will always remember fondly R. Daneel Olivaw.) What other detective series set in the future should I read?
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Best answer: Larry Niven's "Gil the ARM" stories.
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Best answer: The Takeshi Kovacs series, starting with Altered Carbon.
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Best answer: Alastair Reynolds' Century Rain.
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Best answer: Peter F Hamilton's "Commonwealth Saga," starting with Pandora's Star, features a detective thread throughout. (It's big, galactic civilization space opera too, mind.) I recommend.
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Best answer: Oh. This Goodreads list of Great Sci-Fi Detective Stories has some good ones: Brin's Kiln People, Effinger's Budayeen trilogy, Martinez's The Automatic Detective.
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Best answer: I believe Mieville's The City and the City occurs in the future. It may be an alternative present day.
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Best answer: The Last Policeman trilogy.
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Seconding matildaben- I just finished The Last Policeman trilogy by Ben Winters last week and thought it was very good.
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Seconding the Takeshi Kovacs series and The City & The City (it is supposed to be present-day, but it's so great that you should read it anyway). Also, Emissaries from the Dead by Adam-Troy Castro and Charles Stross' Laundry Files series.

If you're interested in re-reading some Asimov, I recently read a good collection of stories called Asimov's Mysteries.
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Gun With Occasional Music is my favorite Jonathan Lethem book by a substantial margin.
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Charles Stross's Halting State and Rule 34, set in a near-future Scotland.
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