Need a good couch for cheap
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Does this exist in Austin? I'm looking for a family-owned furniture store that sells name-brand furniture for less than the name-brand store. There's a place in the Dallas suburbs that does this. They have very little inventory, but they have the catalogs for places like Ashley, La-Z-Boy, and Bassett. Customers typically look around at those stores and then go to the mom-and-pop shop to order from the catalog. If you've seen this in the Austin area (Round Rock to San Marcos), please tell me where!
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I don't know if they are cheaper than the actual Ashley/Bassett store but Gage Furniture is locally owned and has the usual suspects brand wise.

They always have some sort of sale/special going on and are totally willing to work with you if you go in and talk to them.
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For posterity: We shopped at Gage, Sofa Mart, Bassett, Ashley, and Room Store. Gage had the best combination of quality and price. We ended up with an American-made, kiln-dried hardwood, custom sectional and an accent chair for about $2700.
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