Movie recco filter: detective/noire edition
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Looking for a good detective/noire movie.

Here are some movies I loved, am looking for similar:

Blood simple
Miller's crossing
Night falls on Manhattan
LA confidential
French connection
The big sleep
Maltese falcon
The long good Friday
The limey
Out of sight
High and low
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Blade Runner.
Mulholland Drive
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The Big Clock
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Double Indemnity
Touch of Evil
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Postman Always Rings Twice (either version)
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Fargo is another Coen Bros. movie that's a detective story. Seconding Brick, as well.
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Seconding Double Indemnity. It's astonishing and I love Fred MacMurray in that role.
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I've seen most of the movies recommended. I can't believe I forgot to add double indemnity to the list, it's amazing. Keep'm coming folks.
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Anatomy Of A Murder
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Ah, in that case, I'll swap out my recommendation:

Les Diaboliques (aka Diabolique) - a classic!

And another: Swimming Pool. It's a spiritual cousin to traditional film noir, IMO. The less you know about it going in, the better.
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The Last Seduction
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Inside Man, Devil in a Blue Dress
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Oh, and two more good 'uns with Orson Welles, on the chance you haven't seen them already:
The Third Man
The Lady from Shanghai
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The Departed
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Out Of The Past
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The French do make good noir:
Coup de Torchon
Bob La Flambeur
Le Samouri
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And check out Swimming With Sharks for more LA noir business.
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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
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Detour is on YouTube and is a quick watch at only 67 minutes. It's not exactly a great movie but it's got a rough charm to it.
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Dead Again
Dark City
Shutter Island

Pretty much anything directed by Hitchcock, though based on the others you've listed, maybe start with Vertigo and Notorious. The Trouble With Harry isn't a typical detective one but is awesomely funny in a black sort of way (and noir does mean black after all!)
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Anything with Van Heflin or Robert Ryan, particularly the pitch black "Act of Violence", in which they both appear. "The Prowler", "On Dangerous Ground" and "The Set-Up" also all highly recommended.

I recently picked up the Columbia Pictures Film Noir Classics series, and these are well worth looking into - cheap, gritty B films, for the most part, many of which transcend their budgets and Columbia's expectations ("City of Fear" and "The Line Up" being two good examples.) Get the whole set and you'll have several weeks' worth of tough talk, expressionist lighting, and existential dread.

While it's hard to recommend whole-heartedly, the 3rd ed. of Alain Silver and Elizabeth Ward's Film Noir: An Encyclopedic Reference to the American Style is the best survey / checklist currently available, and has helped me discover a lot of noirs that I would have otherwise missed.
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This Gun for Hire and The Narrow Margin. Shadow of a Doubt seems to get mentioned most when Hitchcock's more noirish films are brought up.

Also, Steve Martin's "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid," which inserts him into scenes from various noir films, all strung together into a single plot. It's hilarious, and the more films you recognize, the funnier it is.
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Rear Window! Rear Window is the most gorgeous, glorious thing.
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Oh lord, there's a lot of good suggestions here. I'd like add;

Scarlet Street, with Edward G Robinson. An oldie, but a goodie. Famous for being one of the first movies to show a murderer getting away with his crime (although not entirely unpunished).

Gilda, starring Rita Hayworth. Another oldie, but gosh, this still holds up well - nothing like watching two people who love each other hurt each other so much. Plus murder, obviously.
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Seconding Body Heat. Damn, that's a good movie.

Robert Mitchum - Master of Noir: Paul Newman:
    The Hustler - With the great Jackie Gleason playing Minnesota Fats
Burt Lancaster: Bob Hoskins: Jimmy Stewart:
    Call Northside 777 - Suspenseful use of technology back when data transmission was in its infancy
Comic Noir: Costume Drama Noir: Random noir:
    Rosemary's Baby - yeah, not really noir, but many noirish elements, namely deceit and betrayal

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Another one: Red Rock West
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Great thread!

Open Culture have a list of free-to-watch-online (youtube etc) Film Noir Movies here.

Further recommendations:
Kiss Me Deadly
The Big Heat
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You need to get Gun Crazy. It's so great.
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Side Street
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So many good recommendations here. I would add:

They Live By Night (Gorgeously put togther)
The Asphalt Jungle (Heist Movie Noir)

It's not classic noir, but Sunset Boulevard sure has lying, murder, allure, betrayal, death, dreams, despair, and lots of shadows.
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Folks this is awesome, thank you all so much. I can't wait to get started on this
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Special seconding to Diabolique and Pickup on South Street.
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Jackie Brown
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