Minute rice and dog diarrhea
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Is instant rice bad for dogs who have diarrhea?

My little dog has had intermittent diarrhea this week. Earlier this week, I fed her minute rice to work her back up to baby food and then her real food. The diarrhea stopped, but I found out later that she found a secret place to throw up the rice. I put her back on real food yesterday -- but I was up all night taking her out with worse diarrhea than before. She has not pooped since I think 7 am.

I am fasting her today. Should I go out and get long-grain white rice for tomorrow?

I might add that she is in her usual good mood, playful and alert and attentive outside, and that her diarrhea has none of the warning signs of a dangerous disease as outlined here. If you think she nee --

OK, I just cut off my writing because she started throwing up a yellowish clear substance. I was going to say "If you think she needs to go to the vet, please tell me," but I think I should pretty much take her tomorrow, now.

My original question about the minute rice stands.
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For your purposes, there's no functional difference between minute rice and non-parcooked rice. You really should go to the vet now, like today, but if you do offer rice keep in mind you are not replacing her normal quantity of food 1:1, you should just be giving a little bit every so often.
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If the vomiting and poops persist then yeah, take her to the vet tomorrow because dehydration is no joke in little dogs, and it comes on faster than you'd imagine.

What is her normal diet? If she's been grain-free the whole time, the introduction of whole rice into her diet can be surprisingly hard on her stomach. I discovered this the hard way when my little dog was sick, and she had rice for the first time and it erupted, whole and intact, in a terrible watery gush from her butt.

The yellowish clear substance is bile, she has nothing else to vomit up.

I don't know what the difference is between minute rice and regular rice, so I'm not sure why one would be bad but the other good.
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She's normally on Royal Canin Urinary S/O canned. I hate it because it's expensive, stinky and inconvenient, but she had bladder stones so bad once that she's been on it since.

LynNever, I'm thinking it over hard, because the emergency vet place that's open is kind of a big transportation problem for me right now -- and yet I would do it -- but she seems so alert and well otherwise . . .
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I think I misread your timeline; it probably can wait until tomorrow if she's alert. Can she drink water without more vomiting or diarrhea?

Try the rice at a spoonful every half hour for a couple of hours. You can give a dog pedialyte if you have access to get some, but you can also make electrolyte water at home.
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Minute rice is fine, though for my dog potato tends to firm things up more quickly. Some people swear by pumpkin too. I usually mash the potato with the hand mixer and stir in some water to help keep her hydrated.
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My little dog has occasionally had bouts of gastroenteritis with vomiting and diarrhea, and her vet told me that minute rice will not be effective in stopping things up-- it has to be regular "long cooking" rice. It's not that the minute rice is harmful, it's just not going to have the desired effect.

That being said, my experience has been that fasting has been the best way to get things back to normal. If she's not better after fasting today, I'd definitely take her to the vet tomorrow.

I hope she feels better soon. I know how worrying and frustrating these types of symptoms are!
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I think she's drinking all right, but I can only judge from the bowl level. She never, ever drinks water that I give her out of hand, even when we've walked on a hot day and she's panting. For some reason I have to be looking away.

I am making her some electrolyte water and see if she is interested in that. Have also prepared for a long cab ride to the ER vet if it comes to that, but we'll see. She's all following me into the kitchen wurfing like WHERE ARE THE NOMS I KNOW WHAT COOKING IS THERE IS COOKING IN HERE. That is healthy alert behavior.

Thank you all.
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If you are unsure if your dog is dehydrated then try the pinch test.

If he won't drink in front of you will he lick ice cubes? Also add some water to his food to make a nice sloppy mix if he'll eat in front of you no problems.

Plain pumpkin, the tinned pie stuff without spices works great, mixed with some rice is very effective and helping with diarrhea, as is a little (think 1/4 teaspoon for a small dog) metamucil sprinkled on their food.

Please watch for signs of HGE. This is no joke and can kill a small dog very quickly, if you see blood in either the vomit or the poop please get to an emergency vets ASAP. One of my dogs actually started to hemorrhage blood from both his mouth and anus while on the table of the emergency vets, it started out as a case of diarrhea that would not stop he seemed alert & fine personality wise just pooping and vomiting until blood appeared, we had him at the emergency vets in half an hour of the first sight of blood. Not trying to scare you just make you aware, as a lot of small dog owners are aware of the condition.
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She passes the pinch test. Thanks for that -- I was unaware of it.

I watched for signs of blood in her stool, because I knew how bad it is, but this is the pale yellow soft to liquid kind instead.
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My dog has had so many of bouts of diarrhea and vomiting over his seven years with me (very sensitive stomach). I definitely recommend a vet visit if you can. In the short term to keep mine hydrated I've often mixed wet food with lots of water, or used Dyne Supplement or Endosorb. I don't recommend either without talking to a vet, but I just wanted to pass along the information as reference in case it helps anyone with chronic cases.
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Also consider giving her some reduced sodium chicken broth. It's in the vein of electrolyte water with bonus chicken flavor to encourage drinking.

My new dog has had several bouts of mild diarrhea recently (from food changes) and loooooooooves the chicken broth. It's a surefire way to get her to drink.
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In our case, our dog is super sensitive to food. If our brand of food changes the formula or the machines were not cleaned well enough at the manufacturer, he gets sick because of food allergies, but usually short term.

When his allergy acts up, we put him on a "bland" diet of chicken & plain white rice (Riceland). Minute rice is just white rice that is cooked and dehydrated so I don't think there would be much difference here. It always works to settle his stomach and subside the puking and/or diarrhea within a couple hours, but we keep it to small portions.

If you try this and problems persist for more than say 24 hours, at that point I would schedule a vet visit.

It certainly doesn't hurt to call the vet and see what they think either.
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This sounds a lot like what went on with my dog when I gave him rice when he had tummy troubles. He ended up needing IV fluids and an overnight stay at the vet the next day because he was so dehydrated. Keep your pooch hydrated any way you can and go to the vet first thing tomorrow. Our vet recommended pedialyte. Good luck! I know this is scary.
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One of my dogs is very sensitive to food and we can only feed him certain brands. If he gets the runs we switch to bland chicken and rice for a while (this was on the advice of our vet). I think minute rice is OK.

Contact your vet. Our vet usually gives us a few cans of w/d, but this dog is such a picky eater that he often refuses to eat it. (It is a very bland dog food.) I believe you need to get a prescription for w/d.
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Thanks for your support, everyone. She had a good night last night and only pooped once, but I took her to the vet anyway. He gave her IV fluids and prescribed Cerenia and Flagyl. (He also found an ear infection I didn't suspect, which can't have helped.)
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