Download an audio interview from NPR/MPR
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There's an interview archived on mpr (NPR MN) that I'd love to download and be able to listen to "offline". I tried determining the url, but they seem to be using some tricky relay or switching servers or something. A search did turn up an "NPR Stream Recorder" by company called Abyssmedia, but couldn't find any reviews as to whether it works currently and is free from pesky adware or worse.
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Are you familiar with the Firefox plug-in DownloadHelper and/or have you already tried that with no success?
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Can you provide a specific URL that you're having a problem with?

I opened up a random archived interview on their site (it happened to be this one) and the url for the mp3 file is in the source without any obfuscation or anything. You can just copy it and paste it into your browser's Downloads window (may depend on your browser, but I know that works in Firefox and Safari).
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I've used Audacity (it's free) in the past to make recordings of streaming audio. Essentially, Audacity can record anything that can play through your computer's sound card. You can read about it here. Creating the initial set-up included one somewhat tricky part that wasn't well documented and involved finding a hidden setting on the Sound app inside Windows Control Panel. You had to right-click inside a blank spot on the recording tab and choose "Show disabled devices", or something like that. Anyway, you can probably Google it for details.
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DownloadHelper doesn't recognize anything on the page.

The archived audio is at

I also tried Audacity, including the setting you're talking about, alex1965, but I can't get the program to find the sound system on my laptop, so I'm stuck.
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The mp3 is actually hosted here.
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1. There's a relative path listed in the HTML of the pop-out page, which is just the ?name= with an .mp3 extension.
2. There's a minified js source loaded called "apm-player-all.min.js" which sounded promising
3. There's a list of domains coded into the source, which I found looking at it deminified.
4. The one that was under "apm-audio" contained "ondemand" so that sounded about right.

In complicated cases a packet sniffer is a lot faster, though, since it just looks for what actual requests your browser is making, and doesn't care how they were made.
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