How to attach shower head to sideways Pre-War NYC bathroom
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Anyone in NYC (maybe elsewhere, too) with Pre-War apartments might recognize the hoop-style shower curtain rod, the 4 tub faucets, and the centered shower head that I have just moved into. What I'd like to do is connect a hand-held shower head to this shower and clamp it to the curtain rod, turning my shower to the usual length-wise orientation. Any ideas on how to do this?
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If the diameter of the bar is 1 1/2" or 1 1/4" this Delta adapter will snap right on. If the bar is smaller, you probably could build up the rod tape.

You'll probably want to hang a small shower curtain in the window well, you could use a spring loaded bar. Water and windows really don't mix.
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How securely is that curtain rod attached to the walls? My experience with those kinds of setups in NYC apartments is that they are often loosely attached. Make sure it can withstand the strain of attaching something like a shower head.
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Best answer: why don't you move the shower to the right hand wall? it would be easy enough to attach the shower holder to the (plaster?) wall, and might hit the window less.
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Best answer: There are lots of wall-mount kits, but I think attaching to shower rod/hoop is a bad idea. Every time you turn on the water, the thrust of the waterjet is going to work the connection to the rod until one day it spins up and over. The hanger for the rod is nowhere near where you'll be attaching this weight load (which is not just the showerhead and any force you apply to it when you replace the handheld, but the weight of the water in the tube from your current showerhead is shared at both ends). The hanger was placed where it was because it is directly below a ceiling stud. It's very likely your shower rod at the end of the tub is not below a stud, but you'd want to add a hanger there; that could get messy, because the showerhead can move and shake the hanger into damaging your ceiling as well. Not a difficult repair, but difficult to access, potentially.
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Nthing that this is unlikely to work. Friends who have this configuration have replaced the shower head with one of those rainshower ones - that seems to work well.
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Response by poster: OK, so this is why I come to askmefi. Common sense. I literally did NOT ever consider the other side on the wall. Duh.

Thanks for your thoughts!
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For the other side wall... Mommy's Helper.
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