How to frame my brother's art?
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I'm looking for interesting ways to frame some art being donated to a fund-raising auction. The art is like comics art (little one-page illustrated stories), but the audience isn't comic collectors.

I volunteered to seek out donations for a non-profit auction, and my brother is very generously donating two pieces of his art, which will be auctioned on August 23 (either a live auction or the preceding silent auction, depending on some other person's estimate of their value). I'm trying to figure out how to frame both to make their awesomeness shine to the attendees and organizers; I want to make sure they aren't undervalued because they're "comics".

I've already asked the artist for suggestions but haven't heard anything. He's my brother so I need to do a good job.

the art: one - two (I checked with a mod about linking to the images).

Probably the obvious choice would be simple black plastic, but a) I hate plastic, and b) I'm looking for other ideas that will really take it from "something a comics enthusiast would recognize" to "look at that compelling thing, hey it tells a story".

I want to make this look potentially at home on the wall of someone who, like me, doesn't want plastic (or too much black) on their wall, but finds the art itself charming.

A thin frame of any kind with no mat is probably more accepted. With so much white in the puppy one, in particular ... I'd like to make the whole thing seem more like a single item, rather than a white background with things on it.

Maybe do something with matting?

I realize that a comics enthusiast might be put off by a non-minimalist framing, but I think the content of these pieces would appeal to people who aren't already comics fans, and I'm hoping to show them a little differently. In other words, the audience here isn't comics enthusiasts (it's animal lovers).

I wouldn't say cost is no object, but I'm willing to put a little bit into this.
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Response by poster: In case it makes a difference: the prints will be 13 x 19 inches.
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White frames.
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double sided frame (not the right size for you, but just an idea in case similar items are available.)
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How about chrome frames? Something to suggest Roy Lichtenstein? Space Cat would lend itself particularly well to something '60s mod or mid-century. There's an interesting variety of options here.

Or maybe take a look at how animation cels are framed and presented for some ideas.
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Possibly doing a double matt with multiple openings around each cell. Since the pieces already have borders around each cell you could matt right up to the cell and use the matt as the border. An example of that being something like This But made to fit the cells.

Another idea might be a recessed shadow box. Might be a little more than what you are going for but when done right it can look pretty cool. Like this.
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Since going to a frame shop is pretty pricey here and is sometimes of more value than the art or pic I'm preparing, I usually go to any box store and buy a cheapie frame a size or so bigger than what my picture is. Then I go to a frame store and get a nice colored mat cut to fit. A friend of mine also does this with plain ole comics from the newspaper and they look really nice sprinkled around his house.
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I find illustration hard to hang on the wall because it's not made to be viewed at more than a couple feet of distance. So I think a white mat can be nice to increase the work's presence. White frame (wooden, rectangular profile) and white mat is the way I'd go.

Possibly doing a double matt with multiple openings around each cell.

Please please please don't do this.
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I think a simple white box frame would look great. Something like this.
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Response by poster: Why are so many people advocating white instead of another color?
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I'm going to go in another direction and suggest DIY plexiglass ghost frames. That actual frame at all. Just the artwork, encased on both sides by clear plexi. The art floats on the wall. Here are two sites which explain how to do it, with pics. It's quite beautiful and in my opinion, really elevates the work encased.
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Why are so many people advocating white instead of another color?

I can't speak for the others, but a white frame won't detract from the artwork. Its already colorful so you really don't need to add anymore color to it. Its also just preference, I like a more contemporary look. You could also go with a wood or black frame.
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