Cheap suit alterations in Chicago?
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Roommate and I took advantage of Jos A Banks buy 1 get 3 free offer and now have 4 suits that need to be tailored. Are there any quality places that do this for a good price (or would offer a discount for the number of items)? The store charges $40 each and has 2 week turnaround so looking for any recommendations that would be less! We're located in Streeterville but willing to travel for a good deal.

Thanks in advance!
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maria's alterations, on adams in the loop, is pretty good, quick, cheap. but 40 bucks to alter a suit is already a pretty good deal.
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Do you need to alter more than the pant hem? If so, $40 to alter a suit is a good deal already. I wouldn't try to go lower and expect the same quality.

If you're tying to get them done faster, you can probably expect to pay a rush fee for any decent tailor, especially in the height of wedding season. I personally wouldn't trust a budget tailor with a brand new suit.
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I agree with barnone. If you try to find the best deal on alterations, you might not be happy with the results. I pay my tailor about $15-20 to hem regular pairs of pants. I could shop around but her location is convenient, she's super nice, and I know she does good work. Plus, not to be judgmental but it sounds like you paid 1/2 the price of one suit for two suits. I don't know how much Jos. A. Bank suits are but if they're anything like my suits, you still come out ahead if you pay $40/suit for alterations.
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Thanks for the replies everyone! I guess I didn't realize $40 was such a good deal for a suit....I did pay $30 recently just to have a pair of suit pants altered and hemmed at the bottom so guess that makes sense. Anyway, if anyone has any other good tailor recommendations please throw them out there! Always looking for a new dry-cleaner or alternation place, haven't found one near my new neighborhood I'm satisfied with
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