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I need a new case for my Surface Pro 2 and power cover keyboard. My current sleeve is squishy enough that the power button on top sometimes gets pushed while it's in my backpack, leading to overheating and battery draining. I want this to stop. Snowflakes inside.

All the cases I see either leave the power button unprotected, or do not have space for the attached keyboard. I need both of these things, and I also need something that is not a stand-alone bag. I travel a lot and I can't add too much weight to my kit. My Google-fu has failed me, maybe you guys can help?
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My instinct would be to use something like Sugru to either reinforce the cover you've already got or to add a raised edge around the power button, so that it becomes harder to press unintentionally.
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Why not just a hard-shell or semi-hard zip up case for something similar sized? i'm thinking like, this. But an 11in version, which i couldn't find with a quick google. They're out there though.

An 11/12/13in laptop case should easily fit the surface and the cover. Since it's basically the size and thickness of something like an old vaio TZ. You want something that's a bit reinforced, not just a neoprene sleeve.
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