Give me your Underdog stories!
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I decided today that I absolutely love underdog stories. I love rooting for the little guy to come out on top. I love following along with their journey. Think Silicon Valley the TV Show or Halt and Catch Fire or the Bad News Bears, Mighty Ducks etc. What are your favorite underdog stories in books or film? Fiction is preferred for books, but either is fine for visual media.
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Best answer: Trust me: you want Breaking Away! (Jackie Earle Haley from the BNB is even in it.)
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Hairspray, either the 1988 original or the 2007 musical.
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Best answer: It's currently showing in travelling limited release and not out on DVD quite yet, but if you've got Netflix you might want to chuck the recent movie 50 to 1 into your queue. It tells the story of 2009 Kentucky Derby longshot winner Mine That Bird. It's a pretty cool upset because it combines the double whammy of a 50-to-1 underdog and an incredible come-from-behind race.
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(I will preface this by saying that to me, "coming out on top" doesn't necessarily mean winning in the strict definition, but triumphing in some way):

Hoop Dreams
The Insider
Seabiscuit (the book - it's nonfiction, but just as captivating as fiction)
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Best answer: Shikofunjatta. It is called Sumo do, Sumo don't in English.
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Charlie and the chocolate factory
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Best answer: I really love Moneyball. It's smart and a good story.
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Best answer: Juzo Itami's films Tampopo, about a woman who struggles to create a ramen booth, and Supermarket Woman, about a woman whose expertise as a housewife aids a failing supermarket, are wonderfully comedic underdog stories about domestic issues.
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October Sky.
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Do you mind anime? I LOVE the anime "Girls und Panzer" and so has everyone else who has taken my recommendation and watched it.

You can buy it here.

You can download it from this torrent. (And this one, for the OVA.)

It's a pretty classic example of an underdog-sports-story, except that the sport in this case is tank combat as a varsity sport for high school girls. It's called senshadou. (And no one ever gets hurt.) Believe me, the show is better than that makes it sound. It was the breakout hit of 2012, catching everyone by surprise.
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Major League!
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I love the movie Stand And Deliver.
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Slap Shot. There is so much good stuff in this movie, but the Hansen brothers. MAN!
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Independence Day manages to make all of humanity into the underdog.
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Sidney Poitier film festival!

To Sir, With Love
In the Heat of the Night
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Best answer: If you like "Silicon Valley," you'd probably love Robert Cringely's 1996 PBS series "Triumph of the Nerds: The Rise of Accidental Empires," which focuses on the early tech companies.
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Cool Runnings?
Become a Cleveland sports team fan?
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Best answer: Hoosiers
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Meatballs. For the win.
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I really like "My Cousin Vinnie".
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