What is this strange box/connector thing I found in my basement?
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While snooping around my basement today I found a strange little box/connector of some sort that I have no idea what it is. It looks really old (the house is ~90 years old) and isn't currently connected to anything. It seems to correspond to the incoming phone line from the outside box, but I could be mistaken. Can anyone tell me what exactly this is? [img inside]

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Best answer: It's a telephone fuse box,
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Response by poster: Wow - never knew telephone lines could have fuses on them.

Thanks for the help!!
posted by _DB_ at 5:39 PM on August 1, 2014

ah, that's convenient. we've got one of those too, and I don't even have to ask about it.
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I have one of those in my kitchen above the back door. I'd just assumed it was an old doorbell mechanism.

Love knowing this stuff!
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