Need help picking an anniversary gift
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This week, my beloved wife and I will celebrate our 23rd anniversary. I need help deciding on a gift.

Traditionally, the 23rd anniversary is something "silver plated." If you accept Hallmark's enhanced list, 23 is also the "air" anniversary. Neither one really suggests anything that she'd like.

Snowflakes: She's not a big jewelry person, and already has favorite pieces of each type. Even those, she doesn't wear much. We've obviously been together for a long time, so we pretty much already have everything we need around the house. Also, money is a little bit tight right now - I need to keep the whole thing around $50.

Any great ideas? Thanks in advance!
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I always like experiences best as gifts from my husband. Is there a show she wants to see that you wouldn't generally go to, or a dinner place that's a little out of your normal rotation? Is there even a cheap or free adventure you can go on that would be special in some way (somewhere you can bring a fancy-food picnic basket perhaps, along with a hand-written love letter?).
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How about 23 flowers?
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Well, based on the Hallmark list you should spend the $50 on materials and spend a romantic evening building a pneumatic potato cannon with her, obviously.
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Air themed gifts - mostly fun and playful rather than romantic but that would work for me
- Hot Air balloon ride (probably too expensive)
- Nice, easy to fly kite (here is a selection of good kites for beginners)
- hot air popcorn popper
- gourmet popcorn with fancy salts & other add-ons
- bubble wands with bubble soaps
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And the kite would really well with a picnic at the beach (if you have local beaches)
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I love the idea of a fancy picnic and a kite!
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Going with the "plate" part of "silver plated" you could go to one of those paint-a-plaster places and paint a plate.
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For "air," I'd look for something that smells nice.
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An airplant, placed in a little silver vase. I'm also partial to this airplant in a tiny gold dinosaur.
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Does your home have a copy of the Silver Palate Cookbook? (Silver Palate... silver plate... I dunno maybe you have to be dyslexic to find that hilarious the way I do.) That's the 25th anniversary edition, which seems... fitting.

Also, just FYI, if you think silver plate refers only to jewelry, you are joyously mistaken. What DOES she like? Silver plated bookmarks are a thing, for example, if she likes to read. Or you could get her two custom stamped antique silver plate ice cream spoons (vanilla and chocolate, for example) and four containers of Ben & Jerry's :)
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A bouquet of balloons in her favorite colors.
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