Looking for online collaboration / organization utility
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I cannot quite imagine why in this day and age I am having so much trouble with finding the right fit for this.

I am after something that ideally would incorporate the following:

1. A robust, simple user interface via the web.
2. iOS and Android apps.
3. An organizational/to-do structure similar to a Franklin Covey type setup
4. Built in accountability with due dates, etc
5. Integration into MS Office, especially Outlook. If the tasks could sync with Outlook that would be a major plus.
6. The ability to delegate tasks to other users.

I am currently using Simpleology, which is great, but I believe it to be overpriced. $47/month for one user just isn't getting it done for me. No apps even. I also use BaseCamp but it may be too simplistic. It seems very easy for things to get lost.

I look forward to any and all suggestions! Thanks!
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Trello has apps for Android and iOS and I'm pretty sure it has due dates, assignments to other users, notes, etc. And a quick Google search seems to indicate you can pretty easily integrate it into Outlook too. Might be worth a look? I don't know what "Franklin Covey" is so you'll have to look yourself. It's also free, unless you want premium features.
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Have you checked out Wrike? They have a free version, which might work for you. Not sure if it exactly adheres to the Franklin Covey organizational methodology, but it's worth a look.
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