Last minute travel for mom and toddler w/in 2 hours of Seattle - w/pool
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Suggestions wanted for a Seattle-area getaway for mom and toddler, this weekend, with a pool?

Hi all - do you have any suggestions for a last minute roadtrip destination for Toddler Tristeza and me:

- for this Sunday and Monday (stay Sunday night)
- within about a 2 hour drive/ferry from Seattle
- has a pool
- is somewhere at least marginally fun/cute/interesting (eg not Renton)
- won't completely break the bank


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We stayed at the Redmond Marriot town center. It's right across the street from an open air mall and very low-key and walkable. My three-year-old enjoyed the sensory garden that they have there (it's near a Cold Stone Creamery too). We also liked Marymoor Park, which is huge! Here's a map of Marymoor Park -- they have a couple of nice playgrounds.
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What about something like the Great Wolf Lodge? It's about 2 hours south and you can stay overnight there. I have no idea about the cost or how much is toddler-friendly, though I do know parents whose toddlers have apparently loved it.
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Suncadia Resort is about 1.5 hours from Seattle and has indoor and outdoor pools.

If you're willing to stay in the Seattle/Bellevue area, that would cut down on travel time and might not be a bad option for an overnight stay.
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Another option: take the Victoria Clipper (from downtown Seattle) to Victoria! The Oak Bay hotel has an awesome outdoor pool. The ferry is 3 hours, but it's not the same as driving - you can walk around, look for whales, get a snack, use the restroom, even have a nap! I think the hotel might have a shuttle, so you could walk onto the ferry and get picked up on the other side.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! Most of the choices above were out of our price range, so we got a Priceline hotel room in Tacoma for tonight (pool!) so we can hang there today and swin, then will hit the Port Defiance zoo on the way home tomorrow! Perfect little roadtrip for us girls.
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