How do I make a movie stitching photos together at 0.1 sec interval?
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I have 1000s of photos from the past 12 months. I'd like to make a movie out of these with each photo being displayed for 0.1 seconds (or something ridiculously short). How do I do this? iMovie has a min of 1 second and that's too long. Some Mac specific tool that doesn't cost too much (say under $30) would be helpful
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If you can't find a program to do this natively, you might try finding a program which will speed up your footage. i.e. build the movie with 1 second increments and then speed up the footage by the factor you need. You probably want the new speed to be such that you try to keep frame boundaries. So 1 second increment is ~24 frames, so I would speed things up by a factor of 12,6,4,3 or 2 so you get an integral number of frames...(of course this depends strongly on how the footage is sped up, but sticking to these multiples is probably safe...)
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Get Quicktime 7.

Use File->Open Image Sequence...

Set Frame Rate.

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You can do this in YouTube and set the speed to go faster.
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Seconding tomiena. Quicktime works great.
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Can't help on a Mac but, for the record, I'm a huge fan of DVD-slideshow for doing this on Linux.
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You can do tihis in iMovie.
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