My hair needs to be cut. Not buzzed.
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Where can a man with longish hair in NYC go for a decent haircut?

I am a man with longish hair - not, like, ponytail length or anything, but definitely longer than average. Whenever I go to a barber, they act as though the fact that I have actual hair that actually needs to be cut is some kind of inconvenience to them. Sometimes they do an OK job, and sometimes they don't, but for some reason the "hey you've got a lot of hair," and "see you in three months" comments get on my nerves. (I always make sure to tip well, BTW, so I don't think this is the problem. I think they just don't encounter men with longer hair very often and it irritates them.)

So, it is time for me to get a haircut and I'm once again faced with this dilemma. I come to you, MeFi, in the hopes of recommending a barbershop/hairstylist in NYC that will:

A) Not be fazed by my longish hair.
B) Do an OK job of cutting it (doesn't need to be salon quality or anything, but just enough so that I don't walk out of there looking like an idiot).
C) Not charge me an arm and a leg. Definitely no more than $30, under $20 would be ideal.

I work in Midtown East and live in Brooklyn, some someplace in those areas, or at least in between them, would be super. Thanks!
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Dramatics NYC. Seriously, they do a good job.
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Back when I had longer hair, I preferred going to a "salon" instead of a men's barber shop. Hair cutting places that cater to women are more familiar with long hair than barbers, who I agree seem to be a bit too quick with the buzzer.
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I used to have long (ponytail length) hair. I preferred going to a salon during that time. I was probably the only man who ever went in there, but like monospace said, actual salons which cater to women and where you need to make an appointment are better equipped to deal with longer hair.

I can't help you with specific NYC area salons, unfortunately, as my long hair phase did not coincide with when I lived in the Tri-State Area.

Now that I have shorter hair again, I just go to a Hair Cuttery or Great Clips, with no appointment.
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which cater to women and where you need to make an appointment

That's a key. They will book enough time to cut your hair and charge accordingly. If you're going to a clipper place that is used to doing many heads per barber per hour, then you're going to be a frustration. One less cut that hour and your cut will be one that they don't execute all the time.
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Yeah, stop going to a barber, start going to a stylist. Sorry, you'll probably have to pay more, because your hair(cut) will be more complicated than the typical "just a little off the top."
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Yeah, stop going to a barber, start going to a stylist. Sorry, you'll probably have to pay more, because your hair(cut) will be more complicated than the typical "just a little off the top."

There are barbers in New York City who can do non-clipper cuts!

I'm confident the folks at 8 Rivington / Freeman's Sporting Club could do it, but they'd also charge you $42+tip.

But if you switch to a "stylist" you'll also be paying more...
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And if I may add this: I'm a female who recently got a great haircut from a fantastic stylist I'd seen before and will see again. The only problem is that it is WAY shorter than I had wanted as we apparently had different perceptions of the length of a pixie cut. Then again, I told him I wanted short and I trusted his expertise and, in fact, he even double-checked half-way through. It does look good and it'll grow anyway but my advice to you is bring a photo of what you're going for approximately, even if it's simply to say: "Please by no means go any shorter than this. Thanks!" Haircuts ARE a big deal when you have an unusual cut or length and are taking the risk the change it even a bit, so I hope it turns out great and you are really happy with it!
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Go to a Japanese salon. Lots of guys in the one I used to go to when it was more convenient: Sei Tomoko
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Popped back in to add: Yes, you will be paying more for a haircut if you see a stylist at a salon. However, you will more than likely be seeing the same stylist every time. Over the course of several appointments, s/he will learn your preferences and you'll be more satisfied with the cut.
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Yeah, make an appointment at a hair salon- you can always check Yelp for one near you with good reviews.

I have to say I'm a little baffled by the "catering to women" angle; the places I go to here in L.A. are "salons" and the clientele is usually at least 30-40% male. I don't think the idea that it's not "manly" to get a quality haircut really exists post-1990, and certainly not in New York City.
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I go to Styling Haircutters at 123 Fulton Street in Manhattan. They use clippers on most customers, but the first time I went there, the barber saw how long my hair was and asked "Scissor cut?" and I was happy with the result. I've had a couple of different barbers there cut my hair and have always been satisfied, but I think there is only one woman working as a barber there and I think she is especially good. I think I pay $13 plus tip; sometimes I treat myself to a hot towel shave, which is very nice.
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My truck with salons is three-fold:

1) I'm not sure my hair is quite long enough to justify that. It's noticeably longer than the average man's hair, but it would be quite short on a woman. That's why I said "longish" rather than "long" - I don't look like I should be in a hair metal band or something. I'm sure a salon could style it, but I don't know that that's necessary.

2) I know this is silly, but I kinda dislike the vibe that salons give off. Not so much because I associate them with women (I know they aren't just for women), but because I associate them with trendiness. Like I said - I know it's silly, but still.

3) My impression is that salons are quite expensive. I'm willing to go over $30 if I really have to, but I certainly will not spend $60 or $70.
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