Looking for source for specific Foxconn HDMI socket or something just like it
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Where can I find this Foxconn part (an HDMI socket) that appears to only be available in bulk from a distributor?

I have found a few places with this part in stock, but it is only available in bulk, and the smallest minimum order I was able to find was for about 600 pieces. I need 2.

I know there are about a thousand other options for sockets just like this available, but for the project I have in mind, the DIP pin size and spacing on this particular socket are a perfect fit. So, alternatively, if someone knows of another socket with pins of about .03" in diameter, please share. I've lost count of how many data sheets and technical drawings I've looked at over the last day or two, but this can't be the only HDMI socket in existence with these dimensions.

And in case it's relevant: the plan is to modify the LCD display on an old iMac G4 to run with modern hardware. After removing the LCD cable's original proprietary connector, you're left with about 19 very small wires ending in equally small pins (assuming you don't break one or two off in the process). This mod has been done before, and the most common method seems to be using a specific Molex DVI socket that the Apple cable's pins are a perfect fit for. I wanted to find a better solution as this still requires a DVI to HDMI adapter and space in the iMac's dome is somewhat limited once you start stuffing new hardware in there. Of course another option is to just solder an HDMI male plug to the cable but I don't think my eyes are good enough or my hands steady enough to pull that off.
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Is this screw-terminal HDMI socket too bulky and/or pricey?
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A lot of bulk distributors for things like this will sell you a sample or two so you can evaluate the build quality before making a large order, so if you send them an email asking to order one or two they might be okay with it.
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Mouser and Digikey have equivalent parts. You'll have to look at the data sheets to make sure it will work but search www.mouser.com for 47151-0011, it looks like it may work. Mouser has lots of other ones, so I'm sure they'll have something that works. I'm at work now so can't do much more than point you in the right direction.
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Response by poster: The screwdown terminal sockets look pretty promising, actually. Definitely not too bulky and I had already figured I'd be spending money on parts and things I didn't end up using or that didn't end up working with this project so I might as well order one and see what happens. Thanks for the info.

I'll have to look into seeing if I can order one or two of those Foxconn units as a sample as well, I hadn't thought of that at all, so thanks.

I've looked at a bunch of Mouser parts and they all seem to have either pins that are too small or pins that are too close together. Or both.
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