Hotel/inn/B&B in Boulder, CO
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What's the coolest hotel/inn/B&B you'd recommend in Boulder, CO for one night?
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Chautauqua! Availability may be a challenge, depending on how far ahead you are looking.
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Oh god Chautauqua is COMPLETELY INCREDIBLE AND I JUST STAYED THERE LAST MONTH AND IT IS SO FUCKING GREAT. Except that I don't think they do one night stays in any of the cottages.

But seriously, this was our view.
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I've always wanted to spend a night at the Boulderado, but couldn't justify the price, since I live in a perfectly serviceable house in Boulder.
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Stayed at the Bradley Boulder Inn and the food was excellent! It was very close to Pearl St. too. I highly recommend it.
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Boulderado is great. I've never stayed at Chautauqua, though.
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yeah I'd second/third the Boulderado if Chautauqua isn't available for the timeframe. Bonus: there is a B-Cycle stand right there by the hotel, which opens up tons of exploration potential.
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If you stay at the Boulderado, be aware that a ridiculously high percentage of their rooms are in the "annex", the mediocre 1980s wing(s) built behind the historic hotel. I have never been able to get a room in the historic hotel, in fact. The Annex rooms are clean and functional, but nothing special.

Depending on when you go, the Boulderado is also currently covered in scaffolding. Re-roofing, maybe? So you can't even see the historic exterior :)
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We've always stayed at the Boulder Outlook, and found it to be a very Boulder kind of place.

But I bet AirBnB would give you the best experience.
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