Where to live in London similar to Walthamstow/Leytonstone?
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I'm looking for a place to move to in London that is similar to Walthamstow and Leytonstone, but isn't either one. Can you suggest such a place?

If you've spent significant time in either place, you probably already know what I mean. I'm looking for a place with a reasonably lively high-street or shopping area, quiet side streets, at least one big supermarket, some green or park-like areas, some trees, and 1 or more pubs with lots of character. When it comes to the latter, Walthamstow has several with gastro-pub food, quiz nights, occasional folk/jazz/bluegrass night or comedy/theatre upstairs and Leytonstone has one such place and a decent 'spoons. So no boring suburbia, no purpose-built sprawl with gang violence.

And I would like to live somewhere on the Northern or Victoria line, preferably an hour or less from Euston.

Leytonstone would be ideal, if it weren't on the central line (hot, crowded, need to change). Seven Sisters is an option, but one I'd like to postpone for now.

Is there an area like this further up the Northern line? Will consider south of the river.
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Do you have a budget in mind?
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Response by poster: Hoping for max £600 in a shared house or as a lodger, but not a tiny boxy little room (which seems to be all that's left in Walthamstow in that range).
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And I would like to live somewhere on the Northern or Victoria line

I don't think there is anywhere cheaper than Walthamstow on the Victoria line. If there is, it is Tottenham which you are unsure about. Are you just looking at Walthamstow Central or Blackhorse Road as well?

On the Northern line, I don't know what Elephant & Castle and Kennington are like these days but they would meet your criteria (just) and always used to offer good value for money.
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If you're willing to go south, Tooting meets all this amply.
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I have a friend who lives in a house share for about that in Upper Clapton (Stamford Hill, really) and gets the 253 bus to work in Euston in about 45 minutes, if it's just commute time you're thinking of.

The room is nice, I have been in it and it is big enough to contain a two-seater sofa, desk and double bed. Plus it's about a 10-15 minute walk to Stoke Newington depending on whereabouts you end up, which is full of the gastro pub quiz comedy etc.
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On the Northern Line, you might want to consider Archway or Oval. Although maybe they're both out of your price range!
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Seconding Tooting. Friends were snobbish when I moved south of the river twenty years ago, but it's a decision I've never regretted. Cheaper rents, bigger parks, nicer people, and nobody who'll ever criticise you because of where you live.
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I was about to say Tooting too
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Two "Tooting too" tings!
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