Air Cargo E Container in Boston
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Where can I find large and sturdy corrugated shipping boxes in the Boston area?

I need some large shipping boxes – something like this would be ideal – that I can pick up in the Boston-Cambridge area. I've considered ordering the linked boxes from Uline, but the smallest number they'll sell is five (I only need two or three), and then there's another $100 or so for freight shipping (since they're too large to ship by UPS). $200 for some shipping boxes seems like a bit much. None of the boxes available from places like U-Haul or the UPS Store seem to be the size we need. Since the linked boxes seem to be a standard size (air cargo E containers), I would expect them to be available somewhere in the Boston area, but the googles have not been helpful. I know this is a bit specific, but there must be somewhere around here to buy boxes of this sort. Does anyone have any leads?
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Is that the exact size you need, or just extra-large boxes in general?

I'd contact an appliance store or furniture store and ask if they have extra large boxes you could have. I live near a Rent-a-center that seems to dispose of gigantic boxes fairly frequently. I'd imagine AAA Appliances in JP or Yale Appliances might be have something too. People also give away boxes on Craigslist - maybe an appliance box would work from there?.

This guy is giving away free wood shipping boxes too.
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Have you checked with moving companies? When I moved out of MA, the local Allied franchise (in Clinton, MA) let me pick up as many used boxes as I wanted from their warehouse for free. I'm not sure they have them that large, and I'm not sure if they only give them away to customers already paying for their moving services.
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Another idea:
Global Pack Ship – Packing, Shipping, Mailing - they do fine art, antiques and furniture so they'd probably have a good idea of what to do.
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Check with a florist. Some will have boxes that size that vases come in.
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Give these guys a call:

Sounds like they may have what you need.
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Nevermind, sounds like they focus on smaller & more retail driven packaging. Sorry.
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I would check with Home Depot for boxes. I purchased all sorts of sturdy boxes from them when I moved.
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Response by poster: That size is actually pretty close to ideal. This is, in fact, for air freight. We have one item that's about 33x22x25 that needs to fit in the box, and two of the dimensions need to be under 30" (apparently to fit through the x-ray machine). The box strength (double-wall 275 pound test) is also good. I don't mind paying for the boxes, but I'm hoping for closer to $50 than $200.
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Give these guys a call:

Sounds like they may have what you need.

I'd grind through the yellow pages/google maps for cardboard boxes/moving supplies in your area, and then use the actual phone. (Many of the shops aren't web 1.0, let alone web 2.0.)
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Best answer: Can you get to Everett or Watertown? Grainger sells your box for $25.40/ea and claims you could pick them up on Wednesday.
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Response by poster: Grainger sounds promising, and I could get to Watertown fairly easily. Thanks, Talk To Me Goose, I'll look into that.
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Response by poster: Just picked up the boxes from the local Grainger location. I was afraid that this question would be a bit too specific for As Metafilter, but thanks to Talk To Me Goose, I got the answer I needed.
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