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Its like a cherry but not. Please help me identify this mystery tree. Pictures below.

I have a tree at our new house that I thought was a cherry but cleary isnt. In the spring it had small white flowers. Than in late June early July it started growing little cherry like fruit. It was exciting to think of all the cherries! but now into late July-August Im realizing these little fruits are not getting any bigger and have about peeked. They started out small and yellow, about the size of my pinky nail and then turn a dark red before they die. They have a pit like a cherry/stone fruit.

Pictures of the tree and fruit

I am in the seattle area if that helps any.
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Hmm...I am thinking it might be a type of crabapple tree.
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But I don't think crabapples have pits like a stone fruit, so I could be very wrong.
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I think it might be prunus virginiana. GIS.
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I agree with Solomon, chokeberry tree. It's not a crabapple.
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Response by poster: I dont think its a crabapple, and I would of agreed with a chokecherry ID but I didnt remember seeing those cone shaped flowers in the spring. I dug a little into my pictures and found a picture of the spring flowers (and a little hummingbird). I also added a picture of the tree itself.
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After following some links from the article Solomon linked to, my guess is red chokeberry (Aronia arbutifolia). Flowers. Berries.
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Best answer: I think it looks like Klamath plum, Prunus subcordata.
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Maybe a huckleberry? Some varieties do have red fruit and large seeds. The ones on our property have bright red, tart berries that almost taste like currants.
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Not huckleberry.
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Indian plum aka osoberry?

You don't have a pic of the flowers but they do bloom at the same time as cherries and plums.
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