Adventures in the Skin Trade, Redux
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Short version: help me find a decent dermatologist in the greater Baltimore area.

This previous question details how I acquired a mysterious condition (eventually revealed to be body lice plus an allergic reaction to their bites) in the Caribbean, and how three dermatologists (including one MD/PhD) failed to correctly diagnose it even though I kept saying I felt like something was biting me. I finally found some actual bugs on me and got a correct diagnosis from a fourth doctor, who prescribed some things for me that cleared it all up in a week — too bad for me that it took six months of itching to get to that point. I am disinclined to continue seeing any of the doctors who misdiagnosed me, and though I have since been going to Johns Hopkins University Medical Center, I don't like the fact that one sees someone different every time, so one never really develops a relationship.

I am seriously prone to skin cancer so need regular examinations. I am looking for a doctor in Baltimore, or near the I95 corridor from Baltimore up to Havre de Grace. He or she should really know his or her stuff, and pay attention to details. Any recommendations, hive (pardon the dermatological pun) mind?
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Dr Bruce Beacham (410) 583-2328. He treated my brother for skin cancer a few years ago and went above and beyond in making sure my brother could get good treatment despite his terrible insurance and pre-existing condition.
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Can you explain why you can't see the same doctor when you go to Johns Hopkins? You should be able to make an appointment with a specific doctor once you're established as a patient and continue to see that doctor when you go back. You might also see a doctor in training or a midlevel like a PA, but you should be able to establish yourself as a patient of a specific doctor, even at Hopkins.
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Response by poster: I guess they just never gave me that option. I've been there three times and seen three different docs, even though the second and third visits were follow-ups, where one would think they would naturally want to assign the same doctor. I have a visit (not a follow-up this time) with a fourth doctor scheduled soon; I'll ask about it then. This being the case, if you have recommendations for Johns Hopkins doctors, by all means let me have them.
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I highly recommend Dr. Bonnie Epstein, who has an office in Greenspring Station (just north of Baltimore off the 83/Beltway interchange). Very friendly and patient. She might be JHU afilliated, as well (or at least is in their medical campus there).
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