Phone sleeve me, MeFi!
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I'm looking for a little case, the kind that attaches to the strap of your bag, to hold my phone, subway card, and work ID, because I'm tired of digging around in my bag for those things. Something like this, but a little more stylish.

The case should:
-attach easily to a bag strap, for easy access
-have a phone compartment and a separate small compartment for cards
-(preferably) lack velcro (long hair + velcro = bad)
-be non-ugly
-be able to hold a Moto X

I don't know how to Google for this kind of thing. Any ideas for beautiful phone-bag-attachy sleeves or how to look for them?
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Best answer: Google "wristlet" - I think that will give you a lot of options.
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Levenger have a couple phone/card clutches. I own a few leather goods from Levenger--the quality is fine, albeit not exactly luxury.
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Wristlets would work, but the zipper would bother me. You'd have to remove it, uzip it to get your things, and put it back.

They have "organizers/inserts" for your purse.

Pouchee comes in colors and leather.

Here are these, which I can't really find any more information on.

If you sew, there are endless free patterns for this sort of thing.
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In Korea, there are lots of closing phone cases that have slits for cards. Maybe something like this would work?
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Etsy has a wide selection with varying features and styles.
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I have a Coach wristlet (same size, different pattern) that I LOVE. Holds my work badge, keys, cash and cards, and my phone goes into an outer pocket.
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Wristlet is term you want to search for. I like this leather one, it's even cheaper if you like python.
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I strongly second the Etsy suggestion. The awesome craftspeople there will make you something beautiful and unique that does all you wish. I have had nothing but great experiences with all my special requests.
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Response by poster: I have clearly not earned all my grownup lady merit badges, because I had no idea there was such thing as a "wristlet." My eyes have been opened.
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Luxirare calls hers "wallet necklaces." They're here on her shop. Not cheap, but the mesh panel thingy lets you (somewhat) use your smartphone screen without taking it out.
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