Portable DVD drive with its own battery?
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Are there any portable DVD drives (not players) with their own internal battery?

I wish for a portable DVD drive with its own battery, so it doesn't run off the USB port, and run down my laptop battery. My Mac doesn't have a DVD drive.
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I've never seen one before, the only one I know of is the official Apple USB one which I have. I only use it sporadically to load DVD-based installers so it hasn't been a problem, but I suspect it is Apple's subtle way of forcing you into their iTunes ecosystem for movies to skip it entirely.
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How is the drive going to get the information from the DVD to the computer if it isn't connected to it somehow?
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An external DVD drive only uses a couple of watts from USB. This is pretty small compared to the total power budget for running the laptop. The difference in laptop battery life would be pretty trivial and not worth the hassle of an extra battery. The power to run the DVD drive is tiny compared to the power required for running the display.
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Yes, thanks all for your speedy responses. You are all correct, but there is more I can add to each of your replies.
To mathowie I agree it is certainly Apples' intent to force us into the downloading/ streaming world of the internet and clouds for software downloads, movies and backups/ storage and everything. However, Apple/ iTunes is not the only choice for these services so perhaps "subtle way of forcing" is too sinister. I think they also want to save space and weight and complexity(?), (and keep an eye). I want to be able to keep my own physical copies of stuff independently, 'cause I'm old fashioned. Anyhoo, my real question is if there're any external drives that get their power not from the USB port, but from their own battery.
To turbid dahlia, I agree the drive would still be connected to the laptop via USB for information transfer, but I would point out it could be connected via wi fi or bluetooth, with its own battery. If the drive was connected to USB, it would be drawing power from the laptop battery.
To JackFlash, I agree the power drain on the laptop battery would be relatively light with the external drive running, but there none the less. Pretty trivial? Hmm... A relative concept.
To you three, and everyone else out here, I must confess to having seen an ad/ webpage for what I am describing, but I can't find it again for the life of me, despite hours of what I thought was intelligent searching! Someone else may be knowledgeable. Thanks!
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I've never seen one with a built-in battery, so I can't help there.

One alternative suggestion: I have an external DVD drive that has a DC power jack on the back. If you plug it in it uses the power from the jack otherwise it uses power from USB.

If you can find one like this you could attach it to a small battery pack that provides the right voltage (haven't checked but I'd bet it's 5V).
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Responding to myself... :)

From the photo it seems like this one has a DC power jack on back.
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Thanks, duoshao, this is a very promising possibility. I could easily attach a battery power adaptor, if compatable, and its something I already own. I'll give them a call.
Anyone else? I swear I saw a portable, external DVD with its own internal battery, on line, but I just can't find it again! I need to save my "history" file to prevent this problem ever again. Duh.
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